A Milano Happy Hour

It’s Aperetivo Time!

By Chris Hanneman -

Milan is brimming with heaps of venues where you can indulge in more than just a few pleasant moments of relaxation and at the same time experience the quintessential Italian Aperitivo. For the great bellissimo sake of it, hire the quintessential Ferrari 458 as this car will see you on your way in riveting, if not ostentatious Italian style.


Drive through the iconic city streets that lie in the shadow of the Duomo, or the nearby quaint and historic districts of Brera, Porta Nuova, the Navigli or the Arco della Pace. All these old world and entirely charming neighborhoods have wonderful venues where you can indulge in maybe just one Martini or Gin and It or a Rob Roy or a Negroni or a Campari or a Martinez...


A Brera Breezer

Located within Milan’s trendiest neighborhood at 10 Corso Como, the bar which has kept the name of its sort after address, is in truth more of a complex, then just a lone pub. Comprising a bar, a restaurant, a concept store and even a bookshop, there is a warning attached to this place, and that is you could get lost in it for hours. However if you do manage to crawl your way out, just around the corner you will find Piazza Gae Aulenti, a highly futuristic venue that holds the soul of the city with its breathtaking views.


Aperitivo Classics

Nestled into a corner of Piazza Duomo is Camparino in Galleria which possesses much of the overflowing elegance emanating from the encapsulating Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Regarded as one of the city’s most iconic and treasured venues, it warmly shares its old world atmosphere to anyone who wishes to indulge in its iconic vibrant pink soda, the Campari com agua gaseificada. Magically reviving the golden days of the Aperitivo, it continues to breathe new life into the oldest traditions of the drink as it celebrates innovative styles and habits.


Stealing Sips Under the Arch

The Arco della Pace, may be one of the most fashionable areas in the city, but just as equally it is known as a crossroads of aperitivi hot spots. Despite their close proximity, each venue seems to have successfully retained its own unique flavour, so that you could spend your evening hopping from one place to the next and easily be able to distinguish them all. All the more charming for its location behind Parco Sempione, there is little need to wonder why this area is a cult address in the heart of the Milanese nightlife!


A View for your Aperitivo

In San Babila climb to the roof of the Brian&Barry Building and there you will discover a mixologist’s paradise at Terrazza 12. This up and coming venue is gradually dominating the beating heart of Milan’s nightlife as it attracts the crowds with its unique variety of original cocktails and spectacular views over the Madonnina and the city’s night time skyline. Of course make sure not to exclude Duomo 21 Terrace from your cocktail crawl. Located on a balcony near the landmark Duomo Cathedral, savour the flavour of your exotically mixed blood red Campari that is swirled against the backdrop of the Cathedral’s grand spires.


As it turns out Milan, the capital of design, fashion and food, also offers the best and finest in its range and veracity of nightlife venues. To truly live it up, it is absolutely critical that you indulge in the local Aperitivo tradition by hiring a Ferrari in Italy and experiencing the city like a local Melanese. Well endowed and beautifully blessed, in Milan’s exploding Aperitivo scene you will have no difficulty finding the Aperitivo bar that perfectly suits your tastes and cocktail style. Whether that’s a Speranza or a Negroni or a Americano or a Compari Cosmo or a Fresh Squeeze or a Pink Campari or a...hmm?

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