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Lights, Camera, Action

Cars of the Stars

By Danielle Moretti -

At Book Luxury Car it’s not unusual to get an inquiry from a film crew for a latest model of luxury sportscar. From the perspective of a film producer, cars lends themselves as highly iconic props that effectively set the mood with their strong connotations

Robert Kneschke / Shutterstock

Beer Me Up, Scotty!

Best Beer Halls & Gardens in Munich

By Patrick Fontaine -

Beer is as important to the region of Bavaria as fashion is to Paris or perhaps Ferraris are to Italy. This might explain why Germans in Bavaria have a reputation of being the friendliest as they embody a truism that beer, like life, is best served chilled

Claudio Giovanni Colombo/ Shutterstock

The Great Escape

The Paradise That Is Italy’s Piedmont

By Abigail Green -

Amidst the fascinating and rich history, there is romance to be shared in Piedmont, delicacies to be tried and hidden grandeur that demanded being exposed. Perhaps we found the true beauty of Piedmont, but perhaps this was a location that found the real beauty in us.

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