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4 Best Brunch venues in Lugano

By Claude Huber -

Lugano, a beautiful city in Switzerland’s southern region of Ticino, is all about the views at dawn, that are both seen and tangibly felt. On the border with Italy, the locals have cherry picked everything they liked most about Italian culture; from its language, to its sweet desserts, the aperitivos to be found in trendy bars and of course all the earthly delights that can be discovered in a mouth satiating mid-morning brunch. With every intention to start your day late, rent a luxury car in Switzerland and enjoy a breakfast brunch within this mountain ringed lake city.


Villa Sassa

Sounding quite sassy, Villa Sassa was even more than that. A seat out on its terrace gives you a panoramic breathtaking view of the hills surrounding Lugano. Planning on just a visit you may be tempted to stay the night at this relaxation oasis hotel as you make the most of its health and spa facilities. At the onsite Bar Sossa Lounge the menu is varied with local and international influences from all over the world, all created by the talented Chef Luigi Lafranco. Off the bar menu, I selected the Norwegian Smoked Salmon Antipasti Dyhrberg which had a sensational smoky flavour. Perhaps a little on the pricey end, I assure you your taste buds will thank you.


Parco Paradiso

Although currently on pause the Sunday Brunch that is due to be available again at the elegant Parco Paradiso Hotel, come the beginning of October, is worth waiting around for. Uniquely suited for bringing the kids along, they will be able to enjoy the delicious variety of pancakes, waffles, eggs, sushi and noodles, while the parents can relax in the elegant and all-too-chic dining hall of the La Favola Restaurant. Not having to compromise to their kid’s whims, more “grown-up” menu options include a season salad with green apples, sliced with melon, figs and cheese mixed together with a cider vinaigrette or a Beef Ribeye served in a shallot and merlot sauce. Plus after the kids have spent their total 7.5 minutes of sitting down and eating (i know that’s pushing it, but the food is that good) there is more than enough room for them to romp around in the surrounding terrace and gardens.  



Possessing a rustic french charm, this Italian restaurant with its delicate interior furnishings and china crockery is peppered with many Argentinian influences. Credited for this cultural mix is the Argentinian head chef, who reflects this unique fusion spin on everything served at the tantalisingly aromatic buffet. From the buffet table there are sumptuous choices of dolce, the Italian sweet cakes and pastries to savoury dishes of meat cuts, sauteed bacon and cheese platters. Though the highlight is perhaps the homespun Argentinian dishes which include top quality meat cuts of Entrecote, Ribeye or Entrana, all beautifully served with vegetables and a chimichurri sauce. With pretty jars of jam or honey available for purchase, fortunately there is something to take home as a souvenir.


Le Relais

As one of the three restaurants available to spoil you for choice at the Villa Castagnola Grand Hotel in Lugano, we can assure you, you won’t go home hungry, even if you do go home broke. With Michelin star Chef Christian Bertogna steering the crew, the mediterranean inspired meals on offer are light and refreshingly innovative, served as works of art they are fused with flavour as they burst open upon the palate. Appetizers include the langoustine carpaccio with pistachio, tomato and strawberry gazpacho or the Veal sirloin steak coated with puffed rice, aubergine and black garlic crème.


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