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Men’s Fashion Tips Still Hot off Paris’ Catwalk

By Patrick Fontaine -
7. 5.15

The highly awaited Paris Men’s Fashion Week was a blast and a real eye opener for trends to be launched in the coming year. While Dior oozed a bourgeois cool with models dressed in caps, shorts and greek sandals with a khaki palette, Thom Browne taught us a lesson in sophistication, pointing out just what a long black Chesterfield jacket can do. Yet all in all, the inspiration went far deeper, with fashion guidelines that went beyond the cloth and the stitching, to projecting that highly fashionable, yet hard to attain, overall image of a modern man. Pull out that highlighter, here are some fashion tips still hot from the Paris Men’s catwalk. Sit up and pay attention, this is your fashion bible.


Breaking the Monotony

Traditional formal wear may well be within your comfort zone, but the repetitive nature of black suit jacket and tie, black suit jacket and tie, on and on... can get a little monotonous. If you feel that boredom is setting in on your wardrobe, shake it up a little, Don Sherry style. Albeit, the Canadian sports commentator is known for his garishly outlandish bright coloured and patterned suits, but there are grains of wisdom to be gained from his flamboyant style. Invest in bright, coloured, if not flashy accessories, such as a patterned tie, bright cufflinks or eye catching pocket squares. These accessories greatly enhance a tasteful flair to a formal look, without looking like a walking traffic light.


2. Dress with Confidence

In some respects it could be argued that all the fashion advice given could go out the window, when there is one thing that really matters to ensure you look good, and that my dear friends, is confidence. I understand, confidence isn’t purchased from behind a countertop, next to another bottle of wisdom, but that certainly doesn’t underestimate the value of faking it, till you make it. Take Dennis Rodman for example, known to grace the public wearing makeup and dressed in drag. With a swift psycho analysis, you could say this attention-grabbing behaviour is a result of severe insufficient attention given to him as a young boy just dressed in overalls. That point though doesn’t matter, because Dennis Rodman’s highly confident swag trumps any thought of doubt. Really, wear anything you want, be it a specimen from the height of fashion or a Rodman inspired clown suit, it doesn’t matter, just muster the guts to stand behind it one hundred percent. Go big or go home.


3. It’s the Attention to Detail that Counts

Like every realm of life, success lies in the details and fashion no less, exemplifies this principle. For an iconic example, take Andre 3000, master of the look, and keeper of the wardrobe. No matter what he is dressed in, he consistently looks sensational, weather he’s wearing shiny white wigs, large faux-fur jackets or wide-legged plaid pants, and it’s because the guy puts considerable thought into his ensemble. Andre 3000 doesn’t just roll out of bed and throw on an insane outfit to attend his music gigs. From his clothes to his style of hair and how far he rolls up the cuff of his pants, all has been considered as part of the process of finessing a look. This may be a god gifted skill perhaps, but thankfully we live in an age, where talent of any sort can be easily bought. This brings me to my fourth point;


4. The Benefits of a Custom Suit

Bespoke suits bring attention to the details of your unique build. The reluctance is obviously, the price tag is always higher, often by at least a decimal point than a suit off the rack. But, consider it this way, it’s an investment where the benefit certainly outweighs the cost.  A custom suit is a necessary staple to any decent man’s closet. The exactness of the fittings ensures that polished look, for big guys who tend to have wide shoulders, it means a precise fit across the back. Tall and skinny guys tend to have long arms that poke outside the classic block, a tailored fitting avoids that gangly look. Other benefits give you the freedom of individual preference; such as a wool or cotton fabric, the colour and the texture. While benefits of a custom suit are numerous, it really just boils down to one factor, it makes you feel priceless.


As is history with many world leading fashion shows, its the daring looks out on the catwalk that stir the greatest sensations and incite the biggest waves. The underlying message of this phenomenon is that fashion is utterly subjective. If you like it, wear it, stand behind it and be proud of the image you’re projecting to the world.

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