Intoxicated on the Good Life

A Prodigious Son Rebels… and a Scotch on the Rocks

By Patrick Fontaine -
7. 2.15

With a Laphroaig single malt in one hand and a long time lady friend in the other, this wasn’t a bad stay in Munich at all. Not my first time in the hyper modern city of skyscrapers and great quality beer, and undoubtedly not my last either.


If anything, this visit seemed to go particularly smoothly. From Munich Airport I booked a chauffeur drive in the Bentley Flying Spur to arrive at my hotel in the city. Not a bad little carriage that Bentley, the interior was decorated in a Japanese silk embroidery that stretched along the contours and ceiling. With plenty of legroom and a ready glass of champagne, I was quite content to settle in for a long ride.


I had a dinner engagement that evening with an old friend with whom I spent the best of my university years. So once I arrived at my hotel, the Hotel Koenigshof, I took my time to freshen up in the luxury suite before dinner. I met my friend in the ornate lounge of the Koenigshof bar. I couldn’t help but appreciate the fine attention to detail and simple good taste that went into its design. From the elaborate ceiling cornices, elegant leather upholstery, the arched windows and the hanging art work, it all indicated a great mind at work. It was an exceptionally pleasant evening as I caught up on the last decade and a half or so with my good friend over a sirloin steak marinated in plum sauce. As it happens, he is currently one of the head curators of a major Munich museum, and invited me to come and take a look the next day to see some highly acclaimed pieces.


The following morning I had the Audi R8 delivered to my hotel. This is just such a sensational sports car, I set out fresh and excited for the day ahead. First stop was a visit to the home of my client, confidential details respected of course, he is the descendant of German aristocratic lineage. This client recently came into possession of some antiques and requested my services to have them evaluated. No regular home visit, his humble abode is a grand schloss located on the banks of the river Isar, situated on the outskirts of Munich. The items in need of evaluation were quite spectacular.  The highlight was a painting by Franz Christoph Janneck, that I evaluated at somewhere between 70-90,000 British pound. Truly remarkable, the piece originates from Vienna from 1761. The painting depicts a scene where a nobleman’s prodigal son, takes leave of his father spending his inheritance on a riotous lifestyle.

I thanked my client for the honour and took my leave, enjoying every minute back in the Audi R8. Lunch was a thoroughly lively affair at the Bratwurst Glockl, famous for its françonian sausages, best consumed with a cold Paulaner Beer that is local to Munich. I then moved on to visit my friend at his museum. The artwork that he was particularly excited to show me was a carved ivory piece by the renowned Erasmus Grasser. There was debate as to the exact details of its origins, for which he wanted my opinion. Indeed, it was a stunning piece that beautifully harmonised the ivory contours. My personal favourite was a modest item that held a captivating hold over me. A sterling silver jewelry box, that was said to have been a gift to the young Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg who later in life married Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. With intricate insignia, the box was dated back to circa 1850’s, a production from the Ludwig Neresheimer & Co.

The afternoon’s course of events finally brings me to where I am now, sipping whiskey at the hotel bar.  My time in Munich was thoroughly enjoyed, and I must say, resonates with the shot of whiskey in hand; short, smooth and precisely to the point.

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