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Mercedes Vito Traveliner, a luxury minibus Executive Mercedes Vito Traveliner Mercedes Vito Traveliner, a luxury 9 seater minibus Mercedes V Class's driving cockpit Mercedes Vito Traveliner's sliding doors
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Vehicle Specifications

0 - 100 km/h
11.8 sec
Max Speed
194 km/h
Engine Size
V6 CDI Diesel
Year of Production
Available Colors
Car Rating
4.0 / 5
150 KM per Day
Third Party Insurance
Navigation System
24/7 Phone Support
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Connecting Berlin’s Regal Treasures

By Stephanie Anderson - Lifestyle Writer and Fashion Addict
Luxury Car Rental Berlin

For that ideal work bonding experience or the chance to build memories with a wonderful family vacation, hire the Mercedes Vito Traveliner in Berlin and connect all of Berlin’s regal and majestic treasures. Start your tour at where the Berlin once encapsulated a division between the free West and the Soviet East. crawl through the charming streets of the Mitte old town where many historic buildings have survived the test of time. The imperial majesty of Berlin continues to inspire its many visiting guests from all over the world with monumental buildings such as the museums found on the tiny island of Museumsinsel, its grand churches and cathedrals and its iconic landmarks such as the Reichstag and the Berliner Fernsehturm.

Whether you are travelling with family, friends or work colleagues in Berlin make sure everyone travels in spacious comfort when you hire the Mercedes Vito Traveliner. The Mercedes Vito Traveliner offers the highest standards of luxury in the minivan lineup. Constructed with a V6 CDI diesel engine, this luxury minivan has the means to passenger nine people and courier an enormous towing capacity of 2000 kg braked and a 1,100 kg payload once all the seats have been removed. Proving itself to be exceptionally versatile and flexible in suiting every need, the Vito Traveliner, makes for the ideal means of transportation with great ease and simplicity.

Hire the Mercedes Vito traveliner in Berlin and maximise your experience by preparing a scenic tour for yourself and your group. A tailored tour of Berlin should take you through the cultural heart of Europe, that is filled with relics that mark dramatic battles and tumultuous times. The city of Berlin speaks of an insatiable tenacity and vivaciousness that will endear itself to you, as you visit the location scenes of history, be they palaces, gardens, castles and even a mysterious labyrinth of underground tunnels. There are many charming streets and surprising corners of Berlin that you will discover to be completely of its own and unique character.

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Mercedes Vito

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€245 per day
Body Style Review
4.0 / 5

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