Bright Sky, Black Forest

Enchanting and mysterious, discover Germany’s Black Forest

By Claude Huber -
7. 5.15

Helaba! So glad you could make it on my long awaited scenic journey through Germany’s Black Forest. This is a route that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, known for its outstanding beauty and wonderfully sweeping tracks of road that take you through some of Europe’s most dense forest. This sensational scenery is all explored on the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, or what the maps will tell you is route 500. Come along and enjoy the ride, we’re bound to be spell bound.

Our drive through the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse will go northwards, starting from Knibes, and concluding in Baden Baden. From beginning to end the drive offers a great combination of sections from glass-smooth sweeping elevations, dramatic switchback turns, a mellow drive through quiet and sleepy villages, spins through dense forest and all concludes after dropping back down towards Baden Baden.

The vehicle of choice is the BMW M6 Gran Coupe. A highly prestigious coupé and one that I consider myself awfully lucky to drive. Built with a strong 560 bhp, this car gets me excited at first glance. One look under the hood and I’m truly sold, with a 4.4 L Twinpower turbo V8 engine. The car is delivered to me in a stately 5 seater metallic black, with no more excuses necessary, other than the present, I’m buckled up in the front seat raring to go before the guy even hands me back my credit card. (Isn’t worth that much now anyway).

Heading out is a true delight, as there is still an early morning mist settled out on the forest bed. The stretch of road is fast, sweeping and smooth, all around me there are spectacular views of the forest. At various points I can spot wild life, who appear to be as much enthralled by me as I am of them. The forest is highly enticing and easily draws me in, giving a sensational feeling of following an enchanted road.  

I finally pull over near Hornisgrindeits, the mountain’s highest point, where there are sensational views to just take in. I make the most of the beautiful scenery by taking a coffee break, (....ok brunch,..... alright lunch,........ fine, it’s a 3 course sumptuous affair). The guilty chefs at hand are of the Schloss Haigerloch, who have their gastronomic works of art brought out to you in the garden terrace.

Back on the Schwarzwald Hochstrasse, the road appears to have gotten busy during my short interlude. At times it feels like you are on a race track as there are a lot of tight switchback turns and race track barriers. With other cars on the road, there is this irresistible need to try to overtake them. Yet, not wanting to put my darling ‘Betsy’ (my nickname for the M6) under any undue stress, I try to restrain myself a number of times.

Around sunset I arrive at the Berghotel Mummelsee, that the locals have recommended to me. . Indeed, it lives up to its reputation with a harmonious design of wooden tones and luxurious fabrics. I sit down in the spacious and elegant dining hall and order a juniper berry ham dish with farm house bread and a glass of Tuniberg, a good quality local wine. All in all, a thoroughly satisfying affair.

Looking around, it seems pointless to complete the journey to Baden Baden tonight. A co-incidental inquiry reveals that there is more than just one room available for the evening, for which I am assured is highly comfortable. Besides that, the luxury spa seems to have placed an enticing spell over me. This decision is hard fought, but made. Baden Baden, I hear looks its best first thing under the morning light anyway.

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