Love Blossoms

5 Places in Munich to find you the love of your life

By Abigail Green -

Home to Bavaria’s Black Forest, the fairy tale road and the romantic road, is it any wonder that love blossoms in Bavaria’s capital of Munich? Rent a highly coveted BMW such as the Z4 or a 6 Series convertible and take a drive through Munich. These wonderfully romantic locations, offer a sweet sentimental mood, perfect for getting to know the subject of your affections.


Ristorante L' Acetaia

Amidst the classically designed interior and romantic atmosphere, the menu offers an upscale Italian dining experience. Take your seat at a little table for two in the pretty garden and order the Vitello Tonnato, which is exceptionally tasty. The menu also makes wine pairing suggestions that are clearly born out of experience and acuity.


2. Tian

Using a combination of organic and field vegetables, Tian is a delicious vegetarian restaurant, that has a philosophy of only using the freshest ingredients. The interior is elegant, modern and classy and is perfectly mirrored in the prompt and courteous service of the staff. The menu offers a lunch time menu that includes a tarte flambée with either mushroom, zucchini or green asparagus for just a slice example.  


3. Rabiang Thai

A veritable culinary temple, located in an unsuspecting neighborhood of Munich. Patrons can make their food selections from amongst the crispy duck which is both subtle and spicy, fried seafood served with red curry and chopped lemon leaves or crispy beef strips served with a bean and root mix. Each of these options are reflective of the entire menu which offers a real and authentic taste of Thai cuisine. Afterwards, you can end the night by putting a crackle in the air with Rabiang Thai’s wide selection of cocktails.


4.  Osterwaldgarten

There is nothing like declaring one’s affections than in a traditional German beer garden and in Osterwaldgarten we guarantee, you’ll be doing just that. Whether it’s directed to the food or the person you’re sharing it with we can’t say, but with Osterwaldgarten intimate and cosy atmosphere, it may well be to both. Enjoy pretzels freshly baked from the oven, a sweet pancake type cake that is served with a home brewed jam and of course the great quality beer. All entirely delicious!


5. Bodega Dali

What’s better at getting passions firing than exotic tasting tapas and an excellent selection of red wines? Considered to have the best tapas in town, select from amongst Croquetas, Chorizo al Diablo or Chanquetes. Located in a underground basement, it has an intriguing and intimate grungy feel that begs to be explored. Inspiring a great deal of curiosity, with its exotic and sexy feel, you won’t be willing to refuse.


Sorry, did you think this would be an article about falling in love with a person? Goodness no! It’s always the food that’s going to be the true love of your life.

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