A Paradise Flight

7 Days in Kuala Lumpur

By Chris Hanneman -

In the Asian cyber city that is Kuala Lumpur, make sure not to neglect the magic that can be found in the surrounding Malaysian rural countryside. From behind the front wheel of a luxury car, take a drive that will slip behind the curtain of hyperactive modernity to envelope you into a captivating world of simple charms. A world filled with exotic minarets, Mughal-style domes, traditional malay cuisine and sky covered canopies of banyan trees. Follow us on our luxury tour of Kuala Lumpur and wider Malaysia as we explore a scenic location still proudly rooted in its traditional heritage.


From  the rolling green hills of the Cameron highlands where herbal teas are still cultivated according to original recipes, we then take a nighttime excursion to discover the thrills of Penang under the lantern’s coloured lime light. We experience a sense of real, uninterrupted tranquility upon the stunning island shores of  Pangkor Laut, then finally spend a few days in vibrant Kuala Lumpur to regain composure before taking our seat in the trip back home. Consider yourself warned, this is a journey that will leave you forever changed, from the person you were when first you arrived.


Day 1: Arrive in Kuala Lumpur International  Airport where your Luxury Car rental will be delivered to you. From there head north passing through the exotic city of Kuala Lumpur catching glimpses of the many cultural thrills that the city has to offer. As you continue to drive north the road will take you through the scenic wonderland and jungles of Malaysia, eventually bringing you to your destination: the regally beautiful Cameron Highlands Resort. The five star hotel which possesses all the elegance of European decor, meets the natural beauty of Malaysia’s fertile scenery. After your long day of travels enjoy a sumptuous dinner of traditional English cuisine that meanders into the realms of Asian flavours creating a symphony a taste upon the palate.


Day 2: Your first full day in Malaysia calls for a journey deep into its rural heartlands and for that purpose, there is no place more quintessentially Malaysian than the Cameron Highlands. Comprising a panorama of rolling emerald green hills that are periodically marked with temples and stations, strung together like charms on a meandering trail. Offering spectacular mountaintop views, climb to the pinnacle of the Gunung Brinchang trail which takes in panoramic vistas of the nearby jungles to the east and tea plantations to the west. As the day winds out head to the exotic Buddhist temples of Brinchang to see the splendor of its atmospheric waterfalls. By night this place comes alive with dazzling night markets and the option to dine on pretty little steamboats that will take you out to bay aglow with golden lanterns.   


Day 3: After a delicious breakfast head out in a drive that will take you further up Malaysia’s coast through lush green forested hills to arrive in the small island town of Penang. A ferry is available to conveniently transport you with the luxury car. For your stay on the picturesque island we recommend to book your accommodation at E&O Penang. A hotel that has wonderfully managed to retain its colonial elegance whilst simultaneously embracing the local indigenous culture. Offering the perfect cocktail mix of historical heritage and contemporary coolness, Penang induces an infectious buzz. Travel through the city to explore the varied array of cultures; from churches, mosques and temples each representing in its own unique fashion Penang’s patchwork variety of traditions and ethnicities all thriving in a calm coexistence.  


Of course there is no going to Penang without tasting at least a hearty sample of the fresh cuisine on offer. Infamously enticing it offers a great variety, from Thai enthused spices, to Indian curries, authentic Malay dishes and chinese treats. Venture into the character enthused atmosphere of Georgetown, and sit back and relax as you let your taste buds do all the work.


Day 4: In a drive that will return you southward bound, take a turn off at Pangkor Laut, which legend has as the home of tranquility. Indeed the once small and hardly known fishing village was first stumbled upon by Dutch explorers who built a fort on its bay. Now a location that has become famous for its pearl white sandy beaches that form a seamless perimeter to the mainland’s wild jungle interior. A paradise of nature by the sea, you can swim, fish, kayak or play golf, this is where life must be lived just the way you want it to be. For your accommodation book a suite at the Pangkor Laut Island Resort, as it offers the finest of elite luxury at the brink of where raw and wild forests meet the calm of the turquoise sea. Indulge with a relaxing spa treatment or just kick back and relax at the all-too-trendy cocktail bars.


Day 5 & 6: Rejuvenated and refreshed, take a drive that will see you cascading through the highways that lead into Kuala Lumpur. The booming and burgeoning city welcomes every guest with an impressive view of its city-scape. Characterised by towering skyscrapers, a collage of cultural icons and the futuristic architecture of its highway passes and overhead monorails. On your arrival enjoy the rich variety of dining options enthused by the culinary contributions of its varied inhabitants. After which there is something for everyone as you can set our to discover the city’s mixed heritage, shop till you drop amidst the mega-sized shopping malls or lose yourself in bustling outdoor markets where fresh produce is being flouted. Explore an alternate reality when you visit a temple and see the devout offering their incense-wreaths before their zealous, and according to legend, highly jealous gods. Of course, all before plugging back into a hyper modern reality, kicking up your heels to embrace the city’s wicked nightlife. Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it is more affectionately termed, requires more than just one day to get you swinging in tune to its intoxicating beat.

Day 7: While there are a great variety of accommodation options in Kuala Lumpur to call home for just a few days, such as the hardly inconspicuous Shangri La Traders Hotel which is to be found on the rooftop of those twinned skyscrapers, we recommend pulling in at Villa Samadhi. A chic inner city sanctuary, it immerses its guests into the confines of its luxurious authenticity. However as day 7 marks the conclusion of our Kuala Lumpur paradise escape, all of this is bid adieu as you take the final leg of the journey in a drive to the airport.aboard the luxury car rental. As I look at the rear view mirror at exceptionally rare times like these, the 7 day week feels about 7 days too short.

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