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8 Tips to Visit Monaco on a Budget

By Patrick Fontaine -

By all accounts Monaco is beautiful, but like most things beautiful, it is also hopelessly beyond the grasp of many of us. The Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, a world leading luxury hotel in Monaco will set you back US $11,522 per week for a vacation during the summer, even during the low seasons of winter you are looking at around US $4,000 for the week, which while worth every penny, still makes a deep dent to the hip pocket.


But before you let out a deep sigh, wishing - not for the first time, that you were a fabulously wealthy celebrity, don’t give up on your plans to vacation in the world’s most prettiest principality. It is still possible to holiday in Monaco without breaking the bank, using the following tips to find cheaper, albeit still Monaco-level-glamorous accommodation.


1. Choose a hotel just outside the city

Not charging an absolute premium, hotels located just outside the city typically offer highly reasonable rates in order to stay competitive. For example nearby locations such as Beausoleil, offer a variety of budget accommodation options along with affordable eateries, but is still in easy walking distance of the Monte Carlo Casino. The nearby city of Nice is also good for its varied mix of accommodation venues that range from dirt cheap to glamour and is located just half an hour drive from Monaco. Obviously this option takes you further away from prime landmarks, but with your cheaper accommodation, it all just adds up to greater justification for hiring a supercar to get around.


2. The added perks

As often as you can try to find out what services are included in the price in order to get the most bang for your buck. Frequent extras that are likely to save you money include a free breakfast and free wifi. But, in the process you also need to consider what you are most likely to use, so if there are free kids activities, this is obviously going to be a huge benefit to some and not at all to others, depending of course on whether you have tots in toe. Other variable perks include a concierge services, parking, entertainment gift cards, meals, organised tours etc.


3. Upgrade to a suite

If travelling in a large group, you may want to consider booking a suite as it may be well be cheaper, than two separate rooms. It might also be a better pragmatic solution as a suite is likely to offer more bedrooms as it does more space. Giving everyone more privacy and the means to put kids to sleep earlier without having to creep around them.


4. Stay at a hotel pitched towards the corporate market

Like many other cities around the world, there are several hotels in Monaco that pitch themselves toward business clientele, as they offer many corporate amenities, such as board rooms and overhead projectors. While those amenities might not be so interesting, what is interesting are their cheaper prices, during typical vacation periods and even over the weekends. Places such as Columbus Monte Carlo and Best Western Hotel Prince De Galles, are known to offer some very competitive rates around peak holiday seasons.


5. Join a rewards system

Not all of them are expensive gimmicks, in fact a good rewards system can get you extra perks or save you tons of money. If you already have a tendency to stay at the same hotel chain, it is most certainly worthwhile looking into the rewards system that they have. Joining the rewards program will allow you to accrue points on each stay which can eventually be redeemed for an upgrade or additional nights. Yet aside from these standard benefits, reward members are also notified exclusively of special promotions, that may end up saving you buckets of cash.


6. Request a  corner room

Technically speaking this won’t save you money, but it will buy you extra space. Corner rooms are often a bit larger than standard rooms, effectively giving you a bit more space for the same price.

Inquire about one of these rooms when you check in to see if it is available, if you can do this as close to check in time as possible, before most of the other guests have come in to collect their keys. If you don’t think you are going to make it in time, try calling in advance to request a corner room for your existing hotel booking.


7. Hands off the mini bar!

All products located within the mini bar are way overpriced and are strictly forbidden. Less convenient perhaps, but you are far better off hitting the grocery shops and buying the same snacks for a fraction of the price. The same rule applies for meals ordered through room service, it sounds decadent, but eating out is definitely more fun and far less expensive.


8. Avoid the weekends

Sometimes I think that the secret to a good holiday is just about avoiding the crowds and this is no less true than for your hotel booking. Like all other popular holiday destinations, Monaco’s hotel prices can rises dramatically over the weekend. A Friday and Saturday night booking can be as much as three times more expensive than a Sunday through to Thursday night booking. If your schedule permits, head out during the week and enjoy the cheaper prices and the non-existent queues.

Of course the best part about these great savings on accommodation, is that you’ll have more to spend on your supercar rental in Monaco. It’s just a win/win all round!

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