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Blue BMW M5 Saloon, a luxury sports car BMW M5 Saloon is a beautiful executive car BMW M5, a powerful and elegant saloon BMW's stunning executive saloon BMW M5's tail lights
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Vehicle Specifications

0 - 100 km/h
4.3 sec
Max Speed
250 km/h
Engine Size
4.4L V8
Year of Production
Available Colors
Car Rating
4.0 / 5
150 KM per Day
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Driven By Your Curiosity

By Isabella Cunningham - Lifestyle Guru and Socialite
Luxury Car Rental Germany

For so many reasons Germany makes a great holiday destination, there’s copious amounts of beer to be drunk, bratwurst to be stomached, Lederhosen to be tried on for size, chocolate to be squealed away and a cement break-off of the Berlin Wall to be kept as a souvenir, but don’t tell anyone you read that from here. However which way you choose to travel Germany, hire the BMW M5 Saloon and get on road to make sure you get through it all.

The BMW M5 Saloon is a stunning sedan with an athletic design and brilliant driving dynamics, it masterfully delivers the highest standards from the racetrack to the common day road. Rent a BMW M5 Saloon in Germany for an enjoyable drive in one of the world’s most desirable luxury sedans. The BMW M5 Sedan’s superb TwinPower Turbo high-revving V8 petrol engine produces an incredible 560 bhp with 680 Nm of torque when racing between 1,500 and 5,750 rpm. The extreme acceleration is realised through the Valvetronic and High Precision Injection technology. Shooting like an arrow with power and precision, it will race to 100km/h from resting in just 4.3 seconds flat, then continue on to a top speed of 250 km/h. Possessing many of BMW’s finest features such as EfficientDynamics technology, carbon emissions are not compromised for power on this automotive beauty.

Germany has some great travelling destinations with beautiful scenery, stunning views and exceptionally friendly locals. Take a scenic drive through the Black Forest (or Schwarzwald) in Bavaria, a region with wide mountain peaks and lush forest, it’s a haven for hikers and cyclists. The East Frisian Islands, known in the German as Ostfriesische Inseln, comprises a series of 12 tiny islands located in the Wadden Sea. With fascinating geology, you will enjoy exploring your way through. Franconian Switzerland is one of Germany’s oldest travel destinations, thought to have the aesthetic beauty of Switzerland many artists have flocked to the area trying to capture the beauty into the confines of their artwork.

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€395 per day
Body Style Review
4.0 / 5

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