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0 - 100 km/h
3.7 sec
Max Speed
335 km/h
Engine Size
6.3 L F140 EB V12
Year of Production
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Car Rating
4.2 / 5
150 KM per Day
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Party with a Passion

By Eric Palmer - Travel Writer and Petrol Head
Luxury Car Rental in Monaco

Exclusive parties that keep going well beyond the crack of dawn, a walk through stately and regal interiors of historical buildings and haute couture shopping at its best. Monaco knows how to appeal to its most discerning and cultured guests. However there is perhaps no better way to see Monaco than with a supercar, in the form of the Ferrari FF, representing a height of automotive excellence, this is the car to be seen driving in the place where image counts most.

The Ferrari FF, loves adventure and it wants it now. Built with four body hugging seats, that ensures a comfortable drive for long haul trips, this supercar is well beyond the ordinary. With an intelligent design, this hyper stylish four-wheel-drive, can also be driven with the traditional two rear wheel axis. Torque is pulsated to the front axle and then distributed predicatively to all four wheels as the energy is demanded. Built with a powertrain that includes a powerful 6.3 L V12 engine, it is paired to a seven speed dual clutch F1 gearbox, guarantee and entirely satisfying drive every time. Furthermore the chassis is designed for authentic sports car dynamics while the suspension is totally uncompromising.

On a spectacularly warm Monaco night pull up outside the Sea Lounge to enjoy a quiet and romantic dinner. Don’t say you have not been warned though when as the night progresses the restaurant evolves into an all night dance party as energy levels rise, champagne bottles are uncorked and DJ’s keep a moving beat well into the early hours of dawn.  

Another great location to drive the Ferrari FF supercar is along Espace Mirage , think Lutz & Patmos, Proenza Schouler and Michael Kirs, this strip of elegant boutique laced boulevard offers its financially well-endowed guests the opportunity to buy top of the range labels from around the world.

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Ferrari FF

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€1995 per day
Body Style Review
4.2 / 5

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