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Metallic Gray Audi A8 A8's wealthy interior Audi A8's large boot space Audi A8 is a luxury limousine Audi A8's 18” alloy wheels
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Vehicle Specifications

0 - 100 km/h
5.9 sec
Max Speed
250 km/h
Engine Size
3.0 L TDI quattro
Year of Production
Available Colors
Car Rating
4.5 / 5
150 KM per Day
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Audi A8 Review

By Mark Aria - Lifestyle Adventurist and Adrenaline Junkie

Car Summary

Within the body frame of a conservative executive car, the exceptional luxury fittings of the Audi A8 may well make it the wealthy man’s saloon. Yet, combined with the inherent driving DNA of the Quattro All-Wheel-Drive system this conservative car is still given all the freedom it may ever want.

As a supercharged 3.0-liter V-6, it jumps from 290 horsepower to 333 from its earlier model. Allowing it to catch a breeze at a speed of 207 km/h and achieve a 0 to 100 km/h start in 6.4 seconds. The A8 comes standard both with its all-wheel-drive system as it does with its 8 speed automatic transmission. Extra bits of technology that Audi has tied into the car include the Active Lane Assist that corrects the steering wheel should your driving meander into other lanes along with a self parking function which is nifty. And just to make sure you are keeping up with the Jones’ Mercedes S-class, your A8 will also have that head up display.

At the end of the day it is the luxury aspects of the Audi A8 that will get you behind this car’s superior leather bound, hand upholstered steering wheel. Rarely do you see quality fittings this good, enjoy the robust dynamism of its 18” alloy wheels, the hand stitched Valcona leather seats that offer a four-way lumbar support, position memory for both driver and passenger and variable heating. For an understated external expression of wealth, this is your luxury limousine.  

By: Parkers 25.10.2013 4.0 / 5

“There are few better luxury cars on the road than the Audi A8. The flagship of the Audi range showcases cutting edge yet user-friendly technology, along with impressively efficient engines.”


The Audi A8 is comprised of a lightweight aluminium body that combined with its automatic stop/start function has both great fuel economy and road handling. As a luxury executive car the Audi A8 presents as a successful professional’s saloon. While it is highly conservative on its outside appearance, the  car’s interior takes luxury to the next level of refinement while still also possessing the best of Audi DNA with its Quattro All-Wheel-Drive.


The luxuriously fitted cabin oozes style as it is upholstered with quality materials that combined successfully deliver a design look that is both elegant and modern. With the A8’s sumptuous rear seats this is the ideal car for a chauffeur drive, however make sure not to do it exclusively as the car’s driving dynamics is not to be missed rivalling that of the BMW 7 series of the Mercedes S Class.


By: Car and Driver 11.08.2013 5.0 / 5

“In an effort to keep its flagship sedan competitive, Audi has given the A8 upgraded powertrains, more equipment, and a fresh new look.”


New and improved from its earlier model, Audi has not wasted any time delivering an updated version on its A8 model. The brand’s trademark “Singleframe grille” has been minimised, along with the car’s height which has also shortened, however it now sports seven horizontal blades and a lower air intake that stretches along the width of the car. The headlights have a less aggressive contour and are available in either xenon, LED or Matrix LED, in the latter, the high beam can be dimmed or switched off to avoid blinding other drivers in oncoming vehicles. In similar fashion the taillights have been restyled as well, consistent with the car’s new look and are connected by a horizontal strip of chrome.


Audi A8

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4.5 / 5

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