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With a near-mythic power, a Ferrari rental in Milan is a true driving experience. A bustling metropolis with the final word on fashion and design trends, a spoilt-for-choice array of gourmet restaurants and a true sense of heritage, Milan is a fabulous destination.

What better way to spend a day in the fashion capital of the world than shopping. And what better way to make your way from boutique to boutique than aboard a Ferrari car hire in Milan.

Board the Ferrari 458 Spider, an incredible Convertible Sports Car with a retractable hardtop, and stop by Italy’s most prestigious department store, La Rinascente, a store that makes Italy’s fashion capital hold its name. For unique, one of a kind jewelry pieces, handbags and hair accessories visit  Donatella Pellini's boutique.

Consider the Ferrari California as your hand-in-hand partner to go shopping for  the best-known international names in fashion as well as the up-and-coming Italian designers at Il Salvagente. Let shopping bags full of discounted Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Ferretti pieces fill the back of the elegant and versatile California.

Offering deeply ingrained culinary traditions sprinkled with the latest in fusion cuisine, Milan features exceptional restaurants that are a gourmet destination all on their own. Using Italian staple ingredients like carnaroli rice, Italian extra-virgin olive oil and Burrata cheese, the 2-Michelin starred chef at Clandestino Milano ventures into Japanese cuisine in a fun and inventive way.

In a match made in heaven, Armani/Nobu delights diners with a combination of world-renowned sushi and italian fashion influenced by Latin American flavours. Make your arrival noticed aboard the Ferrari F12berlinetta rental, an uncompromisingly powerful grand touring coupé.

Rent a Ferrari in Milan and drive to the fashionable Lake Como, surrounded by snowcapped mountains and charming Mediterranean villages, or enjoy the breathtaking scenery along the Bernina Pass towards the top of the world and arrive at the glamorous St Moritz resort in the Swiss Alps.

Whether staying in Milan or venturing to the countryside, hire a Ferrari in Milan and make your journey as memorable as your destination.

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