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0 - 100 km/h
4.6 sec
Max Speed
250 km/h
Engine Size
6.6L V12
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Car Rating
4.5 / 5
150 KM per Day
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Tour of La Mancha

By Isabella Cunningham - Lifestyle Guru and Socialite
Luxury Car Rental in Spain

Lose yourself in medieval fantasy when you hire the luxury Rolls Royce Wraith in Spain to follow in the footsteps of Man of La Mancha. The story of the 1964 musical takes place over this very part of Spain where the church bells chimes as the local bistros spill morning scents into the streets of Oropesa. It is throughout this scenery that the main figure Don Quixote engages in the exploits of knights, reviving chivalry and breaking hearts. In the regal confines of the Wraith take a drive through the medieval quarter which is still remarkably intact and where you are easily able to imagine the story unfold.

There is no denying that the Rolls Royce Wraith hire is one of the Spain’s most premium executive cars. Fitted with a superb 6.6 litre twin turbo-charged V12 engine, it pushes out an immense force of power that tips 624 bhp and 800 Nm of torque. Gifted to provide an exceptionally smooth ride, It has been tagged the “magic carpet ride” due to its electronically controlled air suspension. Other top features include a Satellite Aided Transmission system that monitors the GPS data so that the vehicle automatically changes gears as it anticipates the road conditions that lie just ahead. Built into the car is a dongle providing wireless internet connection, allowing you to maximise your time, no matter how long your journey is.

Aboard the Rolls Royce Wraith, dip into what was once the Jewish quarter and enjoy a drink amongst the many taverns that can be found there today. Back in the aristocratic Rolls continue on to discover the grand cathedral and the crypt of conquistadores that lies deep below. For a chance to enjoy a leisurely lunch, you can instruct your chauffeur driver to head towards the plaza where many lovely restaurants are able to be found. Each offering their own unique take on traditional Italian cuisine. However there is no leaving Oropesa without first visiting its stately castle. Within the castle the tales of El Cid still echo. Guests are able to walk through the same chambers and secret hallways where plots were conspired and acts of treason, committed.

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Rolls-Royce Wraith

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4.5 / 5

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