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0 - 100 km/h
3.4 sec
Max Speed
319 km/h
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4.5L V8
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5.0 / 5
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Amazing Spain

By Eric Palmer - Travel Writer and Petrol Head
Luxury Car Rental in Spain

Spain never fails to amaze with its many cultural delights and stunning architecture. From Seville, to Cordoba and Granada take all the time you need to absorb the timeless and yet still very vibrant culture on offer. For this exceptional opportunity hire the Ferrari 458 Spider in Spain and set across this beautiful horizon in your own idolized tour that will touch on every different era and style.

There are supercars and then there is the luxury Ferrari 458 Spider that is in a category entirely of its own. One of Ferrari’s most celebrated convertible sports cars the 458 Spider comprises the first med-rear engined cars with a retractable folding hard top. Not just a piece of moving beauty, the Ferrari 458 Spider has great practical value as it is highly comfortable. There is generous luggage space, the seats have quality upholstering while the drive is one of top performance. Fitted with a mighty 560 bhp V8, it sets off down a highway with incredible sound and impressive fuel efficiency. This is the car to treat yourself to for the ultimate open top driving experience through Spain.

To begin with have the luxury 458 Spider hire provided to you at your hotel accommodation in Seville. In this old world Spanish resort town the Mudejar flamboyance is stirred with a renaissance zest and a baroque sense of royalty that all together combines to deliver an atmosphere that never ceases to amaze. From there tour the fascinating Andalusian towns of Cordoba and Granada, as this beautiful and largely hidden jewels have great historic appeal as they are home to ancient mosques, gothic cathedrals and far off Eastern exotic palaces. No less amazing Spanish history comes alive in Toledo, a beautiful medieval village, whose buildings have been majestically retained despite the passing of millennia.

For your iconic picture postcard tour of Spain, take the luxury Ferrari 458 Speciale in a drive past Spain’s iconic landmarks such as the Quixote's La Mancha windmills and the fairytale castles of Segovia. Indulge in the opulence that is to be discovered in El Escorial and Salamanca, where during Spain’s golden era of the 16th century the city bloomed as it became a European center of intellectual thought and finance. From impressively preserved walled castles to the Romanesque streets of ancient cities a road trip through Spain will never fail to amaze.

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Ferrari 458 Spider

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