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A World of Knowledge

By Isabella Cunningham - Lifestyle Guru and Socialite
Luxury Car Rental Munich

With more fantastic museums than you could ever poke a stick at, Munich’s range of museums cover every interest and source of curiosity. Hire the BMW M3 Sedan in Munich to visit museums as varied and interesting as the German Theater Museum, the State Museum for Egyptian Art, the Jewish Museum or the Antique Grecian sculpture collection. Open an encyclopedia onto any random page, there’s a museum in Munich that covers that too.

With a 3L M Twin Power Turbo inline V6 engine that produces 431 bhp, revs at 7,600 rpm and has a maximum torque of 550 Nm, the BMW M3 Sedan satisfies a driver in all manner of ways. One of BMW’s most popular compact executive cars, this high performance saloon will see you zipping through Munich with great efficiency and robust performance. The M3 Sedan offers a great suite of technologies that once combined offer an incredible ride with exceptional comfort. Know what it feels like to maximise on the BMW exclusive Active M Differential that optimises traction and stability to the road, whilst the Adaptive M suspension uses electronically controlled shock absorbers that constantly adjust to various road and driving conditions, ensuring that whether you are renting this car or owning it, it’s going to deliver a drive that suits you like a tailor made jacket. Drive about Munich town with the M Servotronic power steering system that automatically adjusts to the car’s speed and the 7 speed M dual clutch transmission that has Drivelogic to smartly match the high revving BMW M engine.

Just one of Munich’s museums that made the top of our list is the Pinakotheken, which is three super cool art museums rolled into one. First, is the Alte Pinakothek that features 15-18th century religious paintings, the Neue Pinakothek showcases 19th to 20th century Impressionist and Expressionist art work, while the Pinakothek der Moderne offers a great representation of 20th century paintings, modern art, design and architecture sections. All seamlessly threaded together with a consistent trail of pink interior decoration. Hire the BMW M3 Sedan in Munich to get into the heart of legendary design and style.

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