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0 - 100 km/h
4.2 sec
Max Speed
249 km/h
Engine Size
5.5L AMG V8
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4.0 / 5
150 KM per Day
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For the Love of the Game

By Isabella Cunningham - Lifestyle Guru and Socialite
Luxury Car Rental Berlin

Hire the Mercedes E63 AMG sports car for the chance to immerse yourself in this city’s thriving sports culture. Obviously it goes without saying that the most popular sport in Berlin is football, that’s soccer to some and “the beautiful game” to others. The Berlin FA league lists all the numerous football clubs to be found in the city. During your stay top sporting locations that you must visit include the Olympic Stadium, which hosted the 2006 world cup final. The Hertha BSC Berlin, the home of Berlin’s most highest ranking and professional football team. They practice and play on the grounds throughout the Bundesliga season, which starts in the spring, winter and continues into Autumn. At the Stadion An der Alten Försterei you will find the grounds for FC Union Berlin and they play in the other half of the year during the Bundesliga 2.

For this insatiable sports car, we recommend heading out in the E63 AMG to get into the court, stadium or field through the many different types of sports that the city has to offer. A favourite for many is Basketball, headed up by Alba Berlin, they are known as ‘The Albatross’. If you are not a fan of theirs, then they have a fairly irritating tendency of winning games.  But then perhaps Berlin’s Basketball league is actually better known for its crowds, who go absolutely crazy, even more so than the NBA.

However the list of organised Sports in Berlin continues to read like an Olympic timetable, including Volleyball, swimming, ice hockey (also known for its crowds, who spontaneously break out into belts of songs and chants while eating ridiculous quantities of bratwurst and beer). There is sailing, which can also make for a very nice day out upon the city’s many pretty lake shores and very, very long games of Golf. There is also floorball, which if you haven’t heard of than you’re not alone as it’s experiencing rising popularity in Berlin, and only Berlin. For a sense of the international there is American Football, which is dominated by the Berlin Adlers, and Australian Football, where there is nothing you cannot love about the Berlin Crocodiles.

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Mercedes E63 AMG

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