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Brown Porsche Cayenne Diesel Luxury SUV Porsche Cayenne Cayenne driving cockpit Porsche Cayenne Diesel 4x4 is a powerful off-roader Porsche Cayenne, a practical 4x4
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0 - 100 km/h
7.3 sec
Max Speed
221 km/h
Engine Size
3.0L V6
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Car Rating
4.0 / 5
150 KM per Day
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By Mark Aria - Lifestyle Adventurist and Adrenaline Junkie
Luxury Car Rental Milan

After having survived the devastation of World War Two, Milan has for a long time been considered the blue collar cousin of Italy’s more romantic cities of Rome, Florence and Venice. However, in more recent years Milan has cast off its shabby style for something discernibly more shabby chic. For your chance to peruse through this city’s finer sense of design style hire the luxury Porsche Cayenne Diesel in Milan, as this car has all the requisite sense of style to perfectly match the exciting new developments that you will find in the city.

The Porsche Cayenne Diesel is a five door mid size crossover SUV that puts automotive good looks and power to all known maximum heights. No mild and dainty creature, this automotive beast puts out 258 bhp at 4,000 rpm and 580 Nm of torque. Yet despite the heaps of power to the road the Cayenne Diesel only produced 42.8 mpg of Co2 emissions and 173 g/km of carbon, making it far more greener and cleaner than many of its rivals. The car is uniquely designed with Piezoelectric injectors that provide an optimum distribution of air and fuel that goes along way to enhance the SUV’s driving dynamics, while a Variable Turbine Geometry (VTG) uses the latest technology to generate impressive outbursts of torque even at lower engine speeds. This well appointed 4x4 can race from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.3 seconds and is then able to reach a maximum speed of 221 km/h. A 3.0L V6 engine is perfectly twinned to a highly refined 8 speed Tiptronic S that has gearshift controls on the steering wheel which enhances accessibility by making it easier to use.

Since Milan hosted The World Expo in 2015, the city braced itself for welcoming around 20 million visitors with upgrades that still hold pride of place. Hire the Luxury Porsche Cayenne Diesel to arrive at a business meeting in skyscrapers located in the Piazza Gae Aulenti, the new central business district is now a popular hive of activity. The Darsena is also beautiful as it includes the area around the old canals which was cleaned up and redeveloped with an emphasis on enhancing its romantic charm. On a visit to Milan, a critical must is eating out as much as possible at the many restaurants and bars that have opened up all over the city. In the area of 5 Vie (or Five Streets) there is a great vibe to be discovered there as it has the feel of pulsing to the rhythm of its own infectious vibe.

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Porsche Cayenne Diesel

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