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Eric Palmer - Travel Writer and Petrol Head Luxury Car Rental Germany

From Bavarian beauty to wine country magic, from busy metropolises to small towns, get a taste of Germany in an Exotic car rental. Push the limits of speed, dynamics and great looks in a car that seems straight out from the future. Sporting appeal and stylish elegance merge harmoniously in the BMW Z4 Roadster to get your heart racing. This sleek convertible is crafted using only the highest quality materials and features a wealth of innovative features. Push the Z4 rental to its limit on a road trip across Germany.

Begin your trip in Berlin, Germany’s capital city and a testament of past and present blending together in a vibrant culture. Walk along the remains of the Berlin Wall, feast on world-class art, delicious food, modern architecture and lively nightlife.

Drive your Exotic car rental in Germany to Lubeck, a majestic port located on the river Trave. Wander around the city’s old center and visit the city’s cathedral Lübecker Dom and the Marienkirche Church, admire the Gothic architecture represented in the many historical buildings, monuments and general atmosphere of Lubeck.  

Get on the Audi R8 Coupé, a luscious supercar with an iconic style and superb performance, and cruise over to Hamburg, one of Europe’s most affluent cities. Enjoy the city’s charm and upbeat spirit as you wander around Hamburg's many parks and waterscapes or visit the city’s great museums and galleries.

Continue your road trip in Cologne, a city offering an endless amount of historical sights and cultural activities, all enveloped in a modern day atmosphere. Visit Cologne’s Cathedral, the 4711 House Historic Town Hall, the Rathaus historic city hall and the Gürzenich, one of Cologne’s most historic secular buildings and walk around the Old Town.

Explore Germany’s Black Forest and go hiking and mountain climbing or skiing in the winter. Base yourself in the charming spa time of Baden Baden and relax at the "Caracalla-Therme", a spa resembling a Roman bath from the 3rd century.

Finish your road trip in Munich. Make a grand entrance in the Mercedes C-Class saloon AMG C63 and party like there’s no tomorrow in the world-renowned Oktoberfest, or at any of the city’s infamous and cavernous beer halls if you don’t catch the festival. Breathe in the city’s modern vibe and deep-rooted heritage as you walk around the historic city center, the Main Station, the Opera, the food market, Olympia Park or the English Garden.

Journey through magical cities and towns in an Exotic car rental in Germany.

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