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Where to hire the best Luxury car? Finally the answer you want to hear, is the honest answer. We deliver our luxury cars to any destination of your choice including Geneva Airport. Choose between exotic Ferraris, luxury Aston Martins to a BMW 4WD to set across this beautiful corner of the world with fantastic flair.

Hire the Ferrari 458 Spider, a favourite within our Ferrari selection, whether its popularity is due to its formidable design or power on the road is difficult to determine, but irrespective, its status still holds true. Well within the realms of our service have the 458 Spider delivered to your hotel be it the Hotel De la Praix or the Swissotel Metropole Geneva, both with luxury 5 star ratings they are known for their excellent service and quality furnishings.

Drive the Aston Martin luxury car rental from Geneva airport (GVA), available in the V8 Vantage S Roadster to head out on the highway to visit nearby Annecy. Annecy is a beautiful medieval town of France, built around a 14th Century Chateau. The town is dissected by small canals and azure colour streams that give the ambience of a wonderful by-the-river-banks-feel at almost every cafe corner. Located along the Italian border, Annecy offers a unique mix of French and Italian culture, stroll through its streets making sure to try the local brioche or the italian ice cream, a favourite amongst the locals.

With a luxury car hire from Geneva Airport drive to the nearby Alpine mountain ranges to arrive at the highly luxurious ski resort of Chamonix. Well known as a winter playground for the rich and famous with some of the best on ski pistes in the world. By summer the country comes alive with trees, plants and wildflowers that colour the background of a fantastic weekend getaway. The BMW X5, has all the athletic prowess necessary to reach the mountain's pinnacle, with all the ease and comfort that you could hope for.

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